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8 09 2008

That’s right, we’ve been nominated for the European Podcast Award. All support is much appreciated so please vote for us 🙂 Voting is open till the end of September so hurry 😉

Click on this link to vote:

Please vote fairly. And frequently 😉


Advert Of The Week – Shake It!

30 09 2008

First of all, apologies for the lateness of this post. I have been preparing and recording a very special edition of the WiiDS podcast, to be released this week.

Wario Land: Shake Dimension is one of my current favourite games, if not one of the greatest platformers of all time. With it’s flinging, throwing, shaking and brute strength, Wario powers through the world rather than taking times to gracefully jump from platform to platform like most characters.

Nintendo has made this VERY special trailer to promote the game which uses a lot of clever tricks to express it’s awsomeness. Unfortunately the trailer will not last forever and cannot be embedded in the post, so click here to see the full awsomeness!

WiiDS Ep 73 – A New Hope?

22 09 2008

– Reminders
– Question Of The Week: Multiformat Purchases
– Nintendo Press Conference Announced
– New DS Bundles Announced
– Pokemon Still Going Strong
– Capcom Stop Exclusives But Maintains Support
– Ubisoft Knew About Motion Plus
– What We’ve Been Playing
– Wii Shop Releases
– Emails
– More!

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Advert Of The Week – Politics

21 09 2008

As it’s currently impossible to turn on the news and not hear about people trying to axe Gordon Brown or the U.S candidates, so this advert seems fitting. While it ma only be a short advert it does a good job at hinting the product, with lines such as “Are you afraid of the gorilla” and “Will your brother be joining your team?”. It manages to get the product across in a humorous and relavent way so gets the thumbs up from me 🙂

WiiDs Ep 72 – Ramshackle III

16 09 2008

– Announcements
— Strongbad Contest Reminder
— We’ve Been Nominated!
– Question Of The Week: Games That Should Be Films
– News
— Storage Solution “Better Than” A Hard Drive
— Animal Crossing Priced
— Nintendo Flattered By Xbox Avatars
— New Phantasy Star For DS
— Wii/DS Router Announced
– What We’ve Been Playing
– Virtual Console Releases
– Online Section
— Emails
— Topic Of The Week: WiiDS Games Night
– More!

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Advert Of The Week – Target Practice

14 09 2008

I love this type of advert. Take a strange game concept and apply it to real life for obscure, yet interesting viewing. This one’s for Super Mario Advance, a remake of the western version of Super Mario Bors 2 (aka Doki Doki Panic + Mario). Like most NEs sequels, Super Mario Bros 2 took a completely different approach to the series, with expansive worlds made up of many screens and vegetable throwing instead to jumping on heads. It’s this vegetable thrpwing idea that the advert picks up on, comparing it to more convential methods of killing. Needless to say, it works very well and is rather funny 😛

Strongbad’s Cool Contest For Podcasting People

9 09 2008

The Contest

To celebrate the release of the monthly episodic adventure Stong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People, we at the WiiDs Podcast have organised a prize packed contest for our listeners. Over the next few weeks we will be playing a recording from Strongbad’s Wii as he plays five of his favourite WiiWare games. All you need to do to be in the chance of winning is tell us, in order, which five games he’s playing. The winning entry will then be drawn from all correct entries on episode 75.

The Prizes

  • Elite Beat Agents (DS)
  • Strongbad Emails Season 5
  • A set of Homestar Runner Collectable Figures

A prize bounty worth £45/$90!

Prizes donated by Jack “The Jumpman” Smith (aka Cronogenesis)

How To Enter

Please email your entries to Entries should include your name, your email and your five answers in order. Please make the subject of your email “Contest” to make it easier for us to find your entry. Please submit your entries before 1st October 2008 to be sure of a chance of winning.

Free free to use the template below when submitting your answer.

Subject: Contest




Clip 1:

Clip 2:

Clip 3:

Clip 4:

Clip 5:

The Fine Print

  • Contest Not Open To Hosts
  • Only one entry per person.
  • Entries received after Wednesday 1st October 2008 may not be entered into the prize draw.
  • Valid entries must contain the submitters Name, Email Address and all five answers in the correct order.
  • We reserve the right to use your name in reference to this promotion and future promotions relative to your contest entry.
  • The winning entry(s) will be randomly drawn from all correct entries during Episode 75.
  • In the event of winning, we will contact you for shipping details. These details will be treated with the strictest privacy, not passed onto anyone else and will be deleted after your prizes have been sent.
  • The grand prize consists of 1x Elite Beat Agents, 1x Strongbad Emails.exe Disk 5, 1x Series 1 Homestar Runner Figurines. Prizes have a RRP of £45. If any prizes are refused then remaining prizes will given to the next name drawn and hence-fourth until all prizes are given away.
  • You have to right to refuse any prize you do not wish to receive. However no alternative will be offered.
  • Prizes shown in promotional media are representations of actual prizes.
  • We are not responsible for the location and condition of prizes after postage.
  • We hold the right to change the above rules without any prior notice.

  • WiiDs Ep 71 – Nintendon’t

    9 09 2008

    – Question Of The Week: Unreleased games
    – News
    – Disaster strikes on October 24
    – Run the Gauntlet in October
    – KORG DS-10 announced for October
    – Wii and DS to lead TGS
    – GTA IV on Wii
    – Main Discussion: Nintendon’t
    – 10 reasons why Nintendo is not catering for its core gamers
    – Is Shigsy still up to it?
    – Is the company about to see a radical shift in focus?
    – Are hardcore games worth it?
    – Where do third parties stand?
    – What We’ve Been Playing
    – Virtual Console Releases
    – Online Section, including e-mails
    – Topic Of The Week: Imagine [insert random occupation here]
    – Contest: Strong Bad’s Contest For Podcasting People
    – More!

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