They say there is nothing to fear but fear itself, that fear itself is nothing to fear as there is little to fear in this world we live in, that no matter how far we fall, no matter how big of a disaster looms over us, no matter how close the human race edges towards the complete destruction of everything that we know, as long as one glimmer of hope, one shred of humanity remains in our hearts and minds, there is nothing to fear as we can overcome anything.

Even when all seems lost, a small spark of humanity keeps us alive. A man can believe that all is lost, that the light at the end of their tunnel has long since been extinguished and there is nothing in the world worth surviving for. Even in their darkest hour that small spark of humanity lives on within them, it carries on burning even if they can’t see it themselves and it is that which gives every man his price. A wager, a memory, a person, a promise, a purpose. Yes, as long as every man has his price, a way to settle their debt, humanity will survive.

But what if there was a man with nothing? A man who had truly lost everything, who’s memories had been tarnished, whose loved ones killed, whose promises had been betrayed and whose purpose had been cruelty snatched away. A man whose debt was too high for anyone to pay. A man who has no regard for the world around him, who has no consequence for his actions in life and even in death would have achieved a higher state of life than the one in which he currently resides. A man with no hope, no morality, no humanity.

They say there is nothing to fear but fear itself, and fear itself is nothing to fear as long as there is humanity left in mankind. But when mankind nears the edge of complete destruction of all that we know, and a man who truly has nothing appears, then he will look across the border to the destruction and chaos that faces mankind, and he will cross that border, and you can be sure he will drag the rest of into this spiralling inferno with him.


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