Advert Of The Week – Legendary

31 08 2008

It’s out last advert in the month of music and this one needs no introduction. So here it is, the legendary song that inspired MILLIONS!

It’s the Legend Of Zelda and it’s really rad,

Those creatures from Ganon are pretty bad,

Octorocks, Tectites, Leevers too,

But With Your Help Our Hero Pulls Through,


Smashing Stages – Binary Land

11 08 2008

I’m really enjoying doing these preludes to my stages so until further notice or people start complaining they are here to stay. Todays stage is based on the Famicom classic, Binary Land. I loved this game when I was little and played it to death. The game saw you playing as two lovestruck penguins trying to meet up with each other. However, the catch was that however you moved one penguin, the other would move in a mirror image.

The stage itself is very fun to play on with lots of tunnels to run, fight and hide in, with some little pits and alcoves for suprise attacks. It plays a bit like the Mario Bros. stage in the fact that you need to use a strong side attack to launch your opponents horizontally.

The Kirby’s are playing the role or Gurin and Malon with an item theme or Arcade.