This section is for any and all questions I get asked. Questions can range from about myself, to gaming, to just plain random.

If you would like to ask me a question: Leave a comment, email me at jumpmaninminusworld@gmail.com or post them at the WiiDs Forum

James: How much of a game do you complete before you review it?

Hmm… Depends on the sort of review and game. Review section only games have normally been completed, had all of its modes thoroughly explored if its a casual game or played until I couldn’t bare to play any more.

For my main reviews I try and get at least 60% through, or 2-3 days of solid gaming. That way I can have the main gist of the game, pending a massive twist in the entire tone of the game. Of course if that does happen, i’ll happily re-evaluate the game in light of this.

If I ever feel like I haven’t played enough to make a solid judgment, i’ll do a preview, hand’s-on, first hour etc…

HarryWii: What has topped the charts?

The full current UK charts can be found HERE , along with breakdown charts for each console.

HarryWii: When was the wii first rumoured?

The earliest grounded rumour (not just fans bantering) I can find is from Bloomberg in December 2002. This reported that Nintendo is in talks with hardware Giant NEC about Nintendos successor to the Gamecube.

Harry Wii: What is the Microsoft “Lips”?

Microsoft LIP’s are Language Interface Packages, which allow you to use your Windows machines and programs in different languages. Apparently its also the codename for some dodgy new project they are working on, which may or may not be related to Language Interface Packages.

Wii_Deathly_Hallows: Pirates or ninjas? And why?

Pirates. As for why, I guess there’s a romance associated with them, the thrill and adventure of going out to sea, exploring uncharted lands, being out in the fresh sea air on the crystal waters and battling with other crews. I know the romance isn’t true, but real pirates are even more fascinating. I did a paper on William Kidd, and it was fascinating to read up on the realities of the golden age of piracy. If your interested in the subject I highly recommend “A general history of the robberies and murders of the most notorious pirates” by Captain Charles Johnson/Daniel Defoe, which is the founding basis for all following Pirate books/films etc, as well as being one of the few accounts from the golden age.

Wii_Deathly_Hallows: If you were stranded on a deserted island who/what would you bring?

In terms of who, it would be my loving girlfriend Jen. For what, a knife would be useful for food gathering/cooking/constructing, and some means of starting a fire would also be necessary. With them I can create a pretty comfortable camp and provide food and water for survival until aid arrives.

Wii_Deathly_Hallows: What’s your favourite website?

Hmm… I’d probably say Buttersafe (http://www.busstersafe.com) Its a web comic thats released every tuesday and thursday and always gives me a chuckle.

LinkToZelda: Who is more awesome:Miyamoto or Iwata?

Easily Miyamoto. He is the father of modern gaming after all 😉

Nintendo_Niall: What’s your favorite colour?

Lime Green. Don’t confuse this with Lime though, or electric lime, or even a citric fruit. Lime Greens Hex Triplet is #32CD32 and its co-ordinates are (50,205,50)

Nintendo_Niall: Do you prefer food with sauce or plain?

Plain, unless its pasta, in which case a mouth watering home made, secret recipe, cheese sauce is in need.

Nintendo_Niall: What is the circumference of a moose?

I’m taking this as the circumference around the mid-adominal region for ease (since you didn’t specify what part of the moose, or even wether it was the animal or chocolate variety). The answer will vary from moose to moose but can be worked out using the equation C=Pi*D. So if we take a rough estimation of D to be 60cm, The circumference will be 188.5cm

Nintendo_Niall: Are you a morning guy or a late-night guy?

Depends on the brightness of the day. I leave my blinds open at night so i’m a “whenever it gets bright enough to wake me up” guy.

Nintendo_Niall: What would you put into a sofa to make it “the ultimate sofa”?

Hmm… Is there really such a thing as the ultimate sofa? I’m not too sure… But a good sofa would be long enough or me to lie on (which at my height can be tricky), comfy, homey, armrests that make good pillows and a comfy . A nice big, equally comfy footstool would also be nice 🙂
Tessa M: What’s your favorite game and why?

Always a tough one. If I had to pick a single game, it would be Donkey Kong in the Arcades. It was a simple fun game, but ridiculously hard. I just have to keep on trying to beat my best score.
Also, in my top games is Orbital (Which I reviewed a few weeks ago), Super Mario Bros. (An all time classic) and Beyond Good & Evil (A perfect mix of stealth, action, a gripping story line, and photography)

Tessa M: Are you single?

For the past year i’ve had a wonderful loving girlfriend called Jen. I love her very muchly ❤

Tessa M: When does Wii Fit come out in America?

Wii Fit should be released in the America’s on May 19th 2008. I’m planning on doing a review when my copy FINALLY arrives (I ordered it two weeks ago) so watch this space (well the main page to be technically correct, or even the spiffy new review page) for my impressions.

Tessa M: Can you play Bloom Blox with only one wiimote?

You can play about 85% of Boom Blox with just a Wiimote. The single player has two control schemes, Wiimote, and Wiimote and Nunchuck, with the analogue stick and B button used for changing your viewpoint. As for multiplayer, yes and no. There are 24 multiplayer modes (I think, some are still locked) and nine of these can be played with one wiimote. Three of the duel Wiimote modes are multiplayer, while the other 12 are co-op modes.

DanDaMan: What is your favorite way to insult people?

Using the Threepwood Maneuver. You Sir Fight Like A Dairy Farmer!

LinkToZelda: Why are you trying to plug yourself so much?

As I enjoy writing this blog and want to share it with as many people as possible 🙂

LinkToZelda: Why the heck is it called Jumpman in Minus World?

Well Jumpman was Mario’s original name, showing my retro interest. Minus World is one of the most famous glitches gaming history and shows my quirkiness and that I like to be different. But them together and you’ve got an obscure retro gaming reference I liked the sound of.

LinkToZelda: Why do you want these questions?

Because it wouldn’t be right if I made up the questions myself would it?

LinkToZelda: What are you going to do with these questions?????

Post them here and answer them 😉

Sean@Npod: What’s a cheese cob?

Cheese: A food made from the pressed curds of milk
Cob: A small rounded portion of bread.

There are three main ingredients in a Cheese Cob: Cheese (preferably cheddar), Butter and a Cob (Also known as a Bap, Sarnie or Roll). Slice the cob horizontally in half and lightly butter the insides of each half. Then cut a big slice of cheese and place it on the buttered side of the bottom half of the cob. Finally Place the top half of the cob on top of the cheese, butter side down. Your Cheese Cob is now ready to be eaten. My personal serving suggestion would be to place the Cheese Cob under the grill, melting the cheese and crisping the cob for a brilliant taste and texture.

Sean@Npod: What is the meaning of the word “Nintendo”?

As with most Japanese names, there’s no direct translation. However, Nintendo claim the correct translation should be “Leave Luck To Heaven” This is a reference to Nintendo’s roots as a playing card manufacturer as a certain degree of luck was involved in these games.

Sean@Npod: What is the best selling Nintendo game ever?

It depends how you classify best selling. Super Mario Bros has had the most sales, with 40.23 million copies sold worldwide. However, this is mainly due to it coming bundled with the NES. The best selling non-bundled game was Pokemon Red and Blue with 20.08 million copies sold worldwide, creating 3.032 billion ‘Mon for people to catch (If we don’t catch any duplicates.)

Sean@Npod: How many times is the Wii more graphically powerful to the PS2, Xbox and Gamecube?

The Wii uses the ATI Hollywood GPU, which delivers a predicted clock speed of 243MHz. Nothing has been confirmed by Nintendo though so this may not be 100% accurate.
The PS2 was the least graphically capable system of the sixth generation, with its Sony Graphics Synthesizer, outputting 147MHz, making the Wii 39.51% more Powerful.
The second most graphically powerful console was the Wii’s predecessor, the Gamecube. Its ATI Technologies chip delivers a speed of 162MHz, making the Wii 33.3% more powerful.
Finally, the most graphically powerful of the sixth generation consoles was the Xbox, with a clock speed of 233MHz. This makes the Wii only 4.12% more powerful.
Still, no matter what the figures say, it’s how the Graphics are used by the developers that creates the best picture.

Sean@Npod: How many times is the DS more powerful than the Nintendo 64 and Playstation?

The DS Has two processors, a 67 MHz ARM946E-S and a 33MHz ARM7TDMI. This gives it a total clock speed of 100MHz.
The N64 used the NEC VR4300 chip, delivering a speed of 93.75 MHz, making the DS 6.69% more powerful.
Meanwhile, the PlayStation used the much slower MIPS R3000A CPU. This only gave a speed of 33MHz, making the DS 203% more powerful.

Sean@Npod: Who was the first person to own a Wii?

That would be Jonathan Mann, who is well known on the Internet as The GameJew and also wrote The Mario Opera. He kept the rest of the line waiters entertained with his popular Nintendo songs. You can see a video of the big moment here.

Sean@Npod: How many podcasts come up when searching the iTunes Store for “nintendo”?

497 in total, including one of my favorite podcasts, The WiiDs Podcast. You can find more information at: http://www.wiidspodcast.com


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16 05 2008

Some very intresting questions and answers here 😉


17 05 2008

WIIDS Rocks!!! 🙂

18 05 2008
Niall Cush

“What’s your favourite game?”
“Original Donkey Kong.”

I think someone’s been watching a little movie called King of Kong. I could be completely wrong… If I am, watch it!

18 05 2008


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