Advert Of The Week – Politics

21 09 2008

As it’s currently impossible to turn on the news and not hear about people trying to axe Gordon Brown or the U.S candidates, so this advert seems fitting. While it ma only be a short advert it does a good job at hinting the product, with lines such as “Are you afraid of the gorilla” and “Will your brother be joining your team?”. It manages to get the product across in a humorous and relavent way so gets the thumbs up from me 🙂


The Best Games You’ve Never Played – Donkey Kong

27 08 2008

As you all know, Donkey Kong is one of my favourite games, but while I love the Arcade version, I adore the Gameboy version! I’m not sure whether you would call it a remake or a sequel but it is truly amazing. The game starts with the original four levels from the original Donkey Kong, filled with retro goodness, but after these few minutes of gameplay the real game begins. 97 brain scratching action-puzzling levels await you after the original as you chase DK through a variety of environments. Rather than just climbing to the top, levels see you navigating through the screens in order to find a Key and carry it to the door that DK and Pauline have escaped from.  Combined with levers, switches, ladder building and hundreds of other mechanics to create a variety of fun and challenging levels.

Donkey Long also saw Mario’s first leap into his acrobatic form. This game introduced backflips, tripple jumps, handstands, flinging yourself from wire pole to wire pole and much more. These add a lot of depth to the levels as they opened up a wide variety of ways that you can tackle each level. For example, do you take the ladder on the right and take the moving platform to the top, or do you use a tripple jump onto the first platform grab onto the wire pole fling yourself into the air grab the end of the moving platform and backflip into the exit? This brings me to another point, the openess. Theres many puzzle games out there that look big and open, but really lead you down one path at the end of the day. You really are left to go whichever way you want in Donkey Kong, and every time I play I complete the level in a completely different way.

As well as these great action puzzler games, theres also a wide selection of boss levels which play more like the original game. These ones basically consist of you trying to make your way past obsticles and DK’s attacks to reach the top. You also get some interesting combat battles where your goal is to avoid DK’s attacks and throw his barrels back toward him. These are great for breaking up the gameplay and also remain great fun!

Donkey Kong provided me with a great mix of puzzling and action which quickly took it’s place as one of my most favourite games of all time. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone as it is far too much fun for it’s own good 😉

Smashing Stages – 50m

17 07 2008

This stage has caused me no end of trouble. But i’m happy with this version of 50m from Donkey Kong.

I know it’s a bit ghetto, but unfortunately thats how it ended up due to restrictions. There should be another level below (see ladders leading to nowhere) as well as another level above. However, I didn’t have enough pieces for this and a solid floor/roof wouldn’t exactly be very entertaining playability wise. Therefore I used the remaining blocks to make DK’s platform. This also stopped respawns from falling straight into the spike pit.

The stage itself offers a variety of areas to fight, some stationary, while others are moving. The conveyor belts can be used to your advantage to help with driving people into the spike pit or off the edge of the map. The ladders at the very bottom of the stage make good recovery points, or can be used as a sneaky route around the stage.