WiiDS Ep 73 – A New Hope?

22 09 2008

– Reminders
– Question Of The Week: Multiformat Purchases
– Nintendo Press Conference Announced
– New DS Bundles Announced
– Pokemon Still Going Strong
– Capcom Stop Exclusives But Maintains Support
– Ubisoft Knew About Motion Plus
– What We’ve Been Playing
– Wii Shop Releases
– Emails
– More!

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WiiDs Ep 72 – Ramshackle III

16 09 2008

– Announcements
— Strongbad Contest Reminder
— We’ve Been Nominated!
– Question Of The Week: Games That Should Be Films
– News
— Storage Solution “Better Than” A Hard Drive
— Animal Crossing Priced
— Nintendo Flattered By Xbox Avatars
— New Phantasy Star For DS
— Wii/DS Router Announced
– What We’ve Been Playing
– Virtual Console Releases
– Online Section
— Emails
— Topic Of The Week: WiiDS Games Night
– More!

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Strongbad’s Cool Contest For Podcasting People

9 09 2008

The Contest

To celebrate the release of the monthly episodic adventure Stong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People, we at the WiiDs Podcast have organised a prize packed contest for our listeners. Over the next few weeks we will be playing a recording from Strongbad’s Wii as he plays five of his favourite WiiWare games. All you need to do to be in the chance of winning is tell us, in order, which five games he’s playing. The winning entry will then be drawn from all correct entries on episode 75.

The Prizes

  • Elite Beat Agents (DS)
  • Strongbad Emails Season 5
  • A set of Homestar Runner Collectable Figures

A prize bounty worth £45/$90!

Prizes donated by Jack “The Jumpman” Smith (aka Cronogenesis)

How To Enter

Please email your entries to wiidspodcast@gmail.com. Entries should include your name, your email and your five answers in order. Please make the subject of your email “Contest” to make it easier for us to find your entry. Please submit your entries before 1st October 2008 to be sure of a chance of winning.

Free free to use the template below when submitting your answer.

Subject: Contest




Clip 1:

Clip 2:

Clip 3:

Clip 4:

Clip 5:

The Fine Print

  • Contest Not Open To Hosts
  • Only one entry per person.
  • Entries received after Wednesday 1st October 2008 may not be entered into the prize draw.
  • Valid entries must contain the submitters Name, Email Address and all five answers in the correct order.
  • We reserve the right to use your name in reference to this promotion and future promotions relative to your contest entry.
  • The winning entry(s) will be randomly drawn from all correct entries during Episode 75.
  • In the event of winning, we will contact you for shipping details. These details will be treated with the strictest privacy, not passed onto anyone else and will be deleted after your prizes have been sent.
  • The grand prize consists of 1x Elite Beat Agents, 1x Strongbad Emails.exe Disk 5, 1x Series 1 Homestar Runner Figurines. Prizes have a RRP of £45. If any prizes are refused then remaining prizes will given to the next name drawn and hence-fourth until all prizes are given away.
  • You have to right to refuse any prize you do not wish to receive. However no alternative will be offered.
  • Prizes shown in promotional media are representations of actual prizes.
  • We are not responsible for the location and condition of prizes after postage.
  • We hold the right to change the above rules without any prior notice.

  • WiiDs Ep 71 – Nintendon’t

    9 09 2008

    – Question Of The Week: Unreleased games
    – News
    – Disaster strikes on October 24
    – Run the Gauntlet in October
    – KORG DS-10 announced for October
    – Wii and DS to lead TGS
    – GTA IV on Wii
    – Main Discussion: Nintendon’t
    – 10 reasons why Nintendo is not catering for its core gamers
    – Is Shigsy still up to it?
    – Is the company about to see a radical shift in focus?
    – Are hardcore games worth it?
    – Where do third parties stand?
    – What We’ve Been Playing
    – Virtual Console Releases
    – Online Section, including e-mails
    – Topic Of The Week: Imagine [insert random occupation here]
    – Contest: Strong Bad’s Contest For Podcasting People
    – More!

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    WiiDs Episode 68-70 – The Future Of German Homebrew?

    31 08 2008

    Episode 70: Yultide Yearnings 2008

    – Question Of The Week: Desert Island Games
    – News
    – Nintendo Dismisses DS Remake Rumours
    – New Consoles To Arrive Before Next Gen
    – Core Games 2-3 Years Away
    – Motion Sensing On DS
    – Main Discussion: Yuletide Yearnings 2008
    – What games should you keep an eye out for over the next few months?
    – What games should you avoid?
    – Which ones suprised us the most?
    – What We’ve Been Playing
    – More

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    Episode 69: Live(ish) from Liepzig

    – Question Of The Week: New Wii Channels
    – News
    – Censor call on MadWorld
    – Ubisoft announces more shovelware
    – Wii likes third parties
    – Game Announcements
    – Main Discussion: Live(ish) From Leipzig
    – James reports from GC 2008
    – What titles look promising?
    – How many Wii/DS games are there?
    – How are our favourites shaping up?
    – Does he know any German?
    – What We’ve Been Playing
    – Online Section
    – Emails
    – Topic Of The Week: Custom DS/ Game Boy On VC?

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    Episode 68: OMWiiDs

    – Guest stars: Alex and Ben of the OMG Podcast
    – Question Of The Week: New Handheld Features
    – News
    – LucasArts Upset About MotionPlus Secrecy
    – Overlord coming to Wii, DS
    – The Name’s Wii, Yatani Wii
    – Capcom: We’re Not Shafting The Wii. Honest
    – Main Discussion: Wii Hacking
    – The Twilight Hack
    – The Homebrew Channel
    – Homebrew On DS
    – What counts as homebrew?
    – Is it right?
    – Nintendo’s view
    – Should Nintendo encourage user-generated content?
    – What We’ve Been Playing
    – Online Section
    – More!

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    WiiDs Podcast Ep 67: The Nintendo Difference

    12 08 2008

    – We’re Back!
    – Question Of The Week: Favourite Bad Game?
    – News
    – Ex-Nintendo Xbox Rep: Wii is a gimmick
    – Saints Row Wii: A bad idea
    – Nintendo finds holographic storage solution?
    – MotionPlus not exclusive to Nintendo
    – Iwata: Miyamoto out of ideas
    – Main Discussion: The Nintendo Difference
    – Are Nintendo trying too hard to be different?
    – Has this caused them to miss out on certain markets/successes?
    – Virtual Console Releases
    – What We’ve Been Playing
    – Online Section
    – Emails
    – New Members
    – Topic of the Week: Forum awards

    Extended Notes: http://thewiids.co.uk/blog/?p=162

    Direct Feed: http://cdn2.libsyn.com/wiidspodcast/WiiDS_Episode_67.mp3

    Forum Response: http://www.nintencast.com/wiids/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1459

    This Week In WiiDs – Issue One – All Eyes On Wii

    24 07 2008

    This Week In WiiDs – Issue One – All Eyes On Wii

    Hello and welcome to This Week In WiiDs, I’m Jack “The Jumpman” Smith and whether your at home, at work or trying to fill the gap while your favourite Nintendo Podcast takes a break, this is the best place for news, views and discussion direct on the forum.

    Welcome to Issue One of This Week In WiiDs, published on July 25th 2008, your weekly roundup of all things Nintendo while the podcast is on Hiatus. I aim to bring you everything you love about the show, plus a little extra straight to the forums every week for your viewing pleasure.

    Question Of The Week

    This weeks Question of the Week is from Dark_Link:

    “What would you like to see on Nintendos next hand held?I would like a special stylus that when you twist is it would twist what was on the screen.
    Oliver Ronaldson”

    Thanks for the question Dark_Link 🙂 Personally I’m going to be quite boring and say Rumble. All the games that utilise rumble on the GBA and DS have all used it brilliantly and it’s added that little extra spark. Plus, being a handheld means that you will get a much more engaging feedback response. The only issue would be in interfering with the touch screen in terms of tapping accuracy, but if it used well rather than a vibrationfest it would be a great addition.

    Thats my thoughts, but what about yours? Please reply to this weeks issue with what you would like to see in your next-gen handheld.


    If you have a question of the week for This Week In WiiDs, please send me a PM and i’ll be sure to use it. Any unused questions will be forwarded to be used on the podcast. If you want to get in touch with the team, you can email them at Wiidspodcast@googlemail.com and if you register this link on your Wii we will send you a message to your Wii as soon as we are back on air as well as when further episodes are released. You can also check out the WiiDs blog at http://www.wiids-podcast.com for more news, views and discussion as well as the latest updates. You can also find us snooping around the forums at http://www.wiidsforum.com, so feel free to leave us a message or PM and we will make sure you are the first to know when we are back on air.


    This weeks headlines:

    • Microsoft Wants Wii60 Motion Solution
    • Pirates Play On Unmodded Wii’s
    • Judge’s Ban Causes Controller Chaos
    • Wii Takes Top Title

    Microsoft Wants Wii60 Motion Solution

    We’ve all heard the rumours about Microsofts attempt at motion controls, but interviews this week have revealed that Microsoft might be trying to take a different apporach to their motion solution. John Schappert (Vice President of Xbox Live) was recently quoted as saying that they were very interested in the idea of using the Wiimote in conjunction with the Xbox 360. While it is slim to none that this agreement would ever see the light of day, Reggie wouldn’t deny any possibility.

    While this may not be big news on it’s own, this certainly isn’t the first time we’ve seen Microsoft try and get close to Nintendo, with Rare having announced that they had managed to create DS-Xbox360 connectivity and pre-Xbox there was even talk of an attempt from Microsoft to buy out Nintendo. We’ve also seen Microsoft try and recreate Nintendo’s ideas and philosophy with many titles announced that will try and attract the expanded audience and their new Avatar system that bears more than a slight resemblance to Nintendo’s Mii’s. Such a deal would definately benefit Microsoft, as a partnership with Nintendo would pretty much spell the end for Sony as well as open up their markets to more casual gamers. However, in this generation, such a deal would seriously damage the Wii, so as I stated, it would be very unwise for Nintendo to think about such a proposal for this generation of gaming. Still, with Microsoft becoming ever more interested in Nintendo’s ways, perhaps a partnership may not be impossible in the far future.


    Pirates Play On Unmodded Wii’s

    The battle between Piracy and Nintendo has always been a long one, but when Bushing, one of the Wii’s leading hackers, responsible for assisting in the Twilight Hack and Homebrew Channel, sent an open letter to Nintendo, it looked like Piracy may have won the war. The letter described read:

    “Dear Nintendo

    As part of our efforts to understanding how the Wii works, we believe we have found a security issue that could allow pirated Wii games to be played on an unmodified Wii console.”

    If such a bug was released into the public domain it would definitely hurt Nintendo as it could be easily and cheaply (if not freely) implemented, However, they might be able to survive, despite the lack of sales and possibly support from third parties as they have done with the DS, which continues to sell impossibly well despite having one of the most thriving piracy scenes of this generation. Luckily, Bushing is not looking at releasing this into the public domain, instead trying to work with Nintendo to prevent the flaw from being exploited. However, the worry still remains as others may find this exploit now its existence has been confirmed, and as Bushing himself has admitted, we still have no idea how most of the Wii works. Therefore this may only be the tip of the iceburg in our magic white box’s secret buggy insides.


    Judges Ban Causes Controller Chaos

    This week, a Judges ruling has banned the sale of Gamecube, Wavebird and Classic controllers in America as well as $21 million in damages. Nintendo was brought to court by the small Texas based company, Anascape, who claimed that Nintendo violated their patent on a control device utilising six degrees of freedom. They had initially lost their case in May, receiving a fine of $21 million, but their failure to overturn, or at least reduce, the damages has proven unsuccessful. Nintendo is currently trying to appeal to the U.S Court Of Appeals in the Federal Circuit and the ban will be put on hold, however, Nintendo will have to either post a bond, or place royalties in an escrow to avoid the halt.

    Sony and Microsoft were also challenged, however Sony decided to licence the patent in 2004 while Microsoft decided to settle out of court.

    While the ban has been put on hold during this appeal, if they loose their case once more, it will hurt Nintendo’s profits. Fortunately as they no longer manufacture Gamecube and Wavebird controllers, they will only be loosing money on Classic Controllers, however, without these three controllers, a large portion of Nintendo’s Virtual Console titles will be rendered unplayable. Therefore allowing the ban to continue will not be an option.

    If Nintendo is successful they should be able to overturn the ban and reduce the damages to be paid, so will it be third time lucky for the gaming giants?

    Source / Patent

    Wii Takes Top Title

    We knew it was coming, in fact it was inevitable and it’s a surprise it hasn’t happened sooner, but the Nintendo Wii has finally taken over the top spot of most consoles sold in the US from Microsofts Xbox 360. Despite a year head start, Microsoft has been unable to produce enough demand to keep their top place and the Wiis phenomenal sales show no sign of slowing down with 133,000 sales per week. So far the Wii has sold 3.5 million un its this year, with the PS3 following second with 1.6 million units, closely followed by the Xbox 360 with 1.34 million units sold.

    The DS also continues to dominate the handheld scene, with 150,000 units sold per week. On top of this Nintendo also took six of the ten best selling games of June, with Guitar Hero: On Tour, Wii Fit, Lego Indiana Jones for Wii and DS and Wii Play, which remains in the top ten for it’s seventeenth month in a row, yet to fall from the charts with a total of six million units sold.


    New Announcements

    This is the new announcements section, where each week we tell you what new titles have surfaced and are on their way to you soon.

    While E3 may be over, the announcement of new games are still rolling in fast, with new games announced for the Wii and WiiWare.

    First up is Sonic And The Black Knight, which sees Sonic enter the world of Authurian legends, as you dash and slash your way through a series of missions. The game will be using a similar level system to Sonic And The Secret Rings with multiple objectives given in each world, but replaces the tilty movement with nunchuck controls (presumably to leave the Wiimote open to waggle). You can read more here.

    From Capcom we have had the announcement of Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop, which is a port of the Xbox360 title of the same name. The game will be based on the Resident Evil 4 engine and see you pitted against a shopping mall full of zombies as you try and survive. Source

    However, this isn’t the only Wii title that we will be seeing from Capcom as in a recent interview they hinted that we have only seen half of the titles currently in development for Wii. So while there are no details, expect something soon! Source

    Natsume have also announced plans to make a sequel to their puzzle title Puzzle De Harvest Moon. The original was a very interesting concept, but ultimately a bit shallow in its offerings so a well made sequel could tick all the right boxes. They also announced interest in making a WiiWare title but where this is the title mentioned above, or a new title remains unclear. Source

    Speaking of Wiiware, Konami have just announced a WiiWare version of their classic title Gradius. From what i’ve seen so far it looks like the game will deliver the side scrolling shooting fun of the original, only with vastly improved graphics and sound. Source

    We’ve also had an announcement of a new rhythm dancing game for WiiWare known as Helix. It looks like the game will involve striking poses using two Wii Remotes to the beat. The title looks to have a good selection of tracks and should be available this Autumn. Source

    We’ve also had two new ERSB rating for Virtual Console titles. These titles are Sonic the Hedgehog on the Master System, which is for… you guessed it, the Master System and Splatterhouse 2 for the Mega Drive.

    New This Week

    Here’s what you can expect to see on your local retailers shelves this week in Europe:


    • No Wii games this week I’m afraid


    • Mr Slime ( 25/07/2008 )
    • Race Driver: GRID ( 25/07/2008 )

    Here’s what you can expect to see on your local retailers shelves this week in North America:


    • SNK Arcade Classics V1 ( 23/07/2008 )
    • MLB Power Pros 2008 ( 28/07/2008 )
    • King Of Clubs ( 29/07/2008 )
    • Summer Athletics ( 29/07/208 )


    • Suzuki Superbikes ( 29/07/2008 )

    WiiDs Online

    Welcome to the Online section of the magazine, where we take a look at what’s new for download on the Wii, say hello to some new faces and take a look at the best forum topics this week.

    Download Station

    This week in Europe we’ve been given three new Virtual console titles. First up is Neo Turf Masters for Neo Geo (900 Points). Neo Turf Masters is a rather nice looking golf title with four 18-hole courses to explore and expect the usual power bar timing you’ve come to expect from golf games. If your a fan on the genre this is definitely worth a look. Next up is International Karate Plus for the Commadore 64 (500 points). This is pretty similar to International Karate released at the Commadores VC launch, only slightly prettier and the ability to have three fighters at once (but only two players). It’s highly rated by fans, but may its repetitive nature and unforgiving combat may drive some people away. Lastly we have City Connection for the NES (500 points) which is a strange car based platformer where your aim is to pain all the roads white without getting caught by the police. It’s obscurity leads for an interesting, but ultimately boring experience making this game 499 or so points too much for its enjoyment.

    This week the US has been given two Mega Drive games and one new WiiWare title. First up is Super Fantasy Zone (900 Points), which is a colourful side scrolling shooter, so expect the usual mass onslaughts of enemies and rapid fire fun. Also this week sees the release of Gley Lancer (900 Points) which is another side scrolling shooter, only with a more futuristic theme. One WiiWare title also made it’s way to the Wii Shop in the form of Pirates: The Key Of Dreams (1000 Points) which sees you battling various pirate ships over ten levels. While the gameplay mechanics are fun, it’s on the short side so if your looking for a single player game, your money might be better spent elsewhere.

    Japan has received a new Wii channel this week called the “Print Mii Out” (made up name) channel. This allows you to send off photos stored on your SD cards to be made into prints, photo books or business cards. There seems to be a good range of customisation and the prices seem fair, you can even have your Mii put on your business card 🙂 There’s no news on a Western release yet, but we will let you know as soon as more information is released.

    If that wasn’t enough, Japan has also received a code redemption section in their Shop Channel. This will be used to redeem free software using codes that come packaged in retail games. No word on what will be offered through this service as of yet, but it reminds me of the Band Bros DX, Speaker Channel, which allows Wii compatibility with the said DS game. This came with a redemption code, so perhaps we will be seeing more WiiDs connectivity in the near future.

    There’s also been a new Wii update released this week. This basically installs some of the code required for the new Album channel to work correctly, so it’s nothing to get excited about.

    New Members

    New to the forums this week are:

    • Tush
    • Zimboo
    • Lukepuke93
    • McLovin

    Welcome to the community and we look forward to talking with you 🙂

    Topic Of The Week

    This section is for the best news and discussions started by you the listeners. Be sure to check the following topic and post.

    This weeks Topic Of The Week is by Darkoopa who asks “What do you want to see on your own custom DS?” We’ve had some very interesting ideas so far, from simple colour designs to character art. Theres also some very snazzy pictures of some of the rarest DS designs, so it’s definitely worth a look. Check Out the thread here.

    And Finally…

    After Butternut posted up a song based on the tune to Rainbow Road I did a bit of surfing and found this masterpiece based on the theme tune to Super Mario World. Is there no end to peoples lyrical imagination?


    Thats it for another Week In WiiDs. Please let us know your thoughts and opinions on the following topics as well as any feedback.

    Until next time, We’ve Sown The Seeds, Now You Grow The WiiDs!