WiiDs Ep 71 – Nintendon’t

9 09 2008

– Question Of The Week: Unreleased games
– News
– Disaster strikes on October 24
– Run the Gauntlet in October
– KORG DS-10 announced for October
– Wii and DS to lead TGS
– GTA IV on Wii
– Main Discussion: Nintendon’t
– 10 reasons why Nintendo is not catering for its core gamers
– Is Shigsy still up to it?
– Is the company about to see a radical shift in focus?
– Are hardcore games worth it?
– Where do third parties stand?
– What We’ve Been Playing
– Virtual Console Releases
– Online Section, including e-mails
– Topic Of The Week: Imagine [insert random occupation here]
– Contest: Strong Bad’s Contest For Podcasting People
– More!

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WiiDs Episode 68-70 – The Future Of German Homebrew?

31 08 2008

Episode 70: Yultide Yearnings 2008

– Question Of The Week: Desert Island Games
– News
– Nintendo Dismisses DS Remake Rumours
– New Consoles To Arrive Before Next Gen
– Core Games 2-3 Years Away
– Motion Sensing On DS
– Main Discussion: Yuletide Yearnings 2008
– What games should you keep an eye out for over the next few months?
– What games should you avoid?
– Which ones suprised us the most?
– What We’ve Been Playing
– More

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Episode 69: Live(ish) from Liepzig

– Question Of The Week: New Wii Channels
– News
– Censor call on MadWorld
– Ubisoft announces more shovelware
– Wii likes third parties
– Game Announcements
– Main Discussion: Live(ish) From Leipzig
– James reports from GC 2008
– What titles look promising?
– How many Wii/DS games are there?
– How are our favourites shaping up?
– Does he know any German?
– What We’ve Been Playing
– Online Section
– Emails
– Topic Of The Week: Custom DS/ Game Boy On VC?

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Episode 68: OMWiiDs

– Guest stars: Alex and Ben of the OMG Podcast
– Question Of The Week: New Handheld Features
– News
– LucasArts Upset About MotionPlus Secrecy
– Overlord coming to Wii, DS
– The Name’s Wii, Yatani Wii
– Capcom: We’re Not Shafting The Wii. Honest
– Main Discussion: Wii Hacking
– The Twilight Hack
– The Homebrew Channel
– Homebrew On DS
– What counts as homebrew?
– Is it right?
– Nintendo’s view
– Should Nintendo encourage user-generated content?
– What We’ve Been Playing
– Online Section
– More!

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WiiDs Podcast Ep 67: The Nintendo Difference

12 08 2008

– We’re Back!
– Question Of The Week: Favourite Bad Game?
– News
– Ex-Nintendo Xbox Rep: Wii is a gimmick
– Saints Row Wii: A bad idea
– Nintendo finds holographic storage solution?
– MotionPlus not exclusive to Nintendo
– Iwata: Miyamoto out of ideas
– Main Discussion: The Nintendo Difference
– Are Nintendo trying too hard to be different?
– Has this caused them to miss out on certain markets/successes?
– Virtual Console Releases
– What We’ve Been Playing
– Online Section
– Emails
– New Members
– Topic of the Week: Forum awards

Extended Notes: http://thewiids.co.uk/blog/?p=162

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WiiDs Podcast Ep 65: Putting In The Hours

7 07 2008



It’s that time again for more audio brilliance/pointlessness. This week we’re focused on the past and future of gaming, as we look ahead to Crono Trigger DS and No More Brain Training, while we look back at Japan’s lack of determination into Wii Fit, America’s Wii Sports frenzy and their inability to complete Okami. We also take a look into how to deal with “the annoying internet flaming git” and wether there are any good film tie-in games out there.

– Normality restored!
– Question Of The Week: Dealing with online players
– News
— Chrono Trigger DS
— No More Brain Training
— Japan gives up on Wii Fit
— Sadness Release Date Announced
– Main Discussion: Putting In The Hours
— Wii playing figures revealed
— How much are people playing Boom Blox and Okami?
— Are people finishing Metroid Prime 3?
— How much time do people spend on Wii Sports/Wii Fit?
— Finally Revealed: Do people only buy Wii Play for the free controller?
– What We’ve Been Playing
– Virtual Console Releases
– New Members & Emails
– Topic Of The Week: Film Tie-ins
– More!

Extended Notes: http://thewiids.co.uk/blog/?p=141

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WiiDs Podcast Ep 63: Ramshackle aka The Blogcast aka ‘Worst Episode Everrrrr!’

23 06 2008



This weeks podcast was a bit different since we didn’t have any notes or structure until 5 minutes before we started recording (and after that it was still 12 words rather than two pages), James and Mani were unavailable, Tom had to leave after 20 minutes, Jason said he had to leave after 40 minutes and I had to constantly leave to take phone calls from relatives.

Basically, rather than being 85% Ad Lib, it’s 100%. Still, be got through it all and brought up some good discussion 🙂

– Question of the Week: What is your favourite NPC from any game?
– News
– Fischer’s Folly – Follow Up
– Jack Thompson’s Career Coming to an End?
– Freeloader Frozen!
– Gamestation Prepares Smashing Tournament
– Mr. Mod Chips, Cleared on appeal!
– Virtual Console releases
– What We’ve Been Playing
– Online Section

Blog Entry: http://thewiids.co.uk/blog/?p=127

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WiiDs Podcast Ep 61: East Vs West

9 06 2008


WiiDs Art

This weeks episode is here with a discussion on the differences between eastern and western games. We also discuss all the latest news as well as the usual sections. I apologise for the rock bumpers though. We were trying them out after some feedback but hopefully the remix bumpers will be back soon 😉

– Question Of The Week
WiiWare Franchises

– News
Quit Smoking On DS
No Street Fighter IV
Clone Wars Exclusive To Wii/DS
100 WiiWare Games In Development

– Game Announcements
Age Of Empires: Mythologies
Neopets Puzzle Adventures

– Main Discussion: East Vs West
Miyamoto on Western developers
Are the culture differences?
How do these affect different genres?
How is Nintendo working with to bring the two territories together?

– What We’ve Been Playing
– Online Section, including Topic Of The Week: Getting a DS
– More!

Blog Entry: http://thewiids.co.uk/blog/?p=103

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WiiDs Podcast Ep 55: Viral Gaming

2 05 2008


This weeks WiiDs podcast is now up and I was lucky enough to guest host it with Dippy, Jason and Tom.

This week we talk about virtual reality on the Wii, a new project underway by the Zelda Team, the possibility of a new game in the Golden Sun Series and a new game engine offering high spec graphics on the Wii.

Our main discussion is in response to Micheal Capp’s recent statement on the Wii being a passing fad, in which we discuss the consoles lifespan and whether it has the power to keep hold of its audience. We alsontake a look at Nintendo’s viral marketing campaign and whether Nintendo is ignoring the DS market.

On top of this we have our views and opinions on what we’ve been playing this week, all the latest Virtual Console and Wiiware news as well as listener emails.

I had a great time guest hosting this fantastic podcast and urge all of you to check it out and subscribe:

Blog Entry: http://wiidspodcast.livejournal.com/49849.html

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